About us

Talent Turbo is a distributed talent aggregation and recruitment-as-a-service platform. We have Uberized the talent sourcing and screening process. Our data driven workflow is massively scalable, partner driven, accountable and effective. We simplify recruitment and make it collaborative, and scalable.

Our Model

The platform uses data pools and algorithms to connect the dots between resourcing platforms like Job Boards, Hiring Agencies, Vendor Management Systems, Applicant Tracking Systems and enterprises. The platform effortlessly sources, screens, and matches the right applicants with enterprise talent requirements.

How it Works

Our platform aggregates and seamlessly connects clients seeking talented candidates, job seekers, interviewers, and sourcing vendors. We use a permission-based sharing model. When customers post job orders, algorithms, source candidates from multiple sources, including trustworthy referrals.

The platform analyzes and matches candidate portfolios with customer requirements. The workflow selects the right candidates after conducting prescreening, screening, and interviews. Screening is facilitated by aggregating pools of freelance interviewers. Our permission-based interviewing platform seamlessly accommodates a workflow of the freelance interviewers and then the internal panel of interviewers of the customers. Candidates can upload their resumes with minimal information, and the platform can manage the rest.

Geographic Presence & Industry Focus

Talent Turbo largely operates in the USA, some parts of India, and other countries. Our current specialization is on IT Industry & Technology talent requirements. We are expanding our services to different sectors and aspire to be a global service provider.

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