Permission-based sharing

We source multiple agents and clients to post their pool of resumes and job orders for our permission-based sharing services. Thus, agents and clients are charged for reaching suitable candidates from different sources, we bring, against your job order posted.

IaaS (Interview-as-a-Service)

A small investment from your end can help you find a perfectly matched and verified candidate for your job vacancy. Even candidates who wish to get employed quickly can earn the verification badge and make their profile stand out. For this, they just need to pay to get their background verification completed through our interviewers.

GIG Economy-based screening

Under our GIG Economy-based screening, interviewers can work flexibly. They prepare the candidates by conducting mock interviews or conduct background verifications at their convenience. Though freelance interviewers are paid for screening and prescreening the candidates, Talent Turbo will be charging the client a minimal amount. Client pays for the services accessed by them

PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service)

We charge the clients who use our platform to reach suitable candidates for their organizations. If you bring bulk resumes or jobs and give permission to showcase them on our platform, you will have to pay a minimal amount depending on the volume and other parameters. Currently, our platform is available for you to display your resumes without any charges. We may start levying charges in the future.

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