Permission-Based Sharing

The platform is scalable and accommodates multiple clients posting varied job orders simultaneously. To ensure that clients locate the right talent as quickly as possible, job orders are showcased with the permission of the client.

The platform consumes unutilized resumes using a secure and trustworthy commercial model. The workflow connects job markets, recruiters and customers, to qualified candidates that match job orders. The platform gathers data from the interviewers who pre-screen and screen the talent to distil vital insights that can aid in the final selection process.

IaaS (Interview-as-a-Service)

The Talent Turbo platform offers a trust-based secure network for clients to connect with candidates for an effective and accurate recruiting workflow. For a smooth and rapid hiring workflow, our Interview-as-a-Service can conduct pre-screening, screening, interviewing and background verification (if needed) of candidates. Verified candidates get a Talent Turbo badge as certified and qualified as a resourcing fit.

GIG Economy-based screening

The Talent Turbo platform offers work flexibility for interviewers. Aggregated interviewers can dedicate time at their convenience, without rigid commitments or fixed contracts. The platform's Gig Economy-based screening services, match Talent Turbo verified candidates with interviewers.

RaaS (Referral-as-a-Service)

The platform integrates a loyalty program for individuals and agencies who refer friends, colleagues, and family members to build a trustworthy pool of active and passive job seekers. This will aggregate a robust pool of candidates to match with job orders from clients.

PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service)

Talent Turbo connects interviewers, candidates, and vendors on a single collaborative platform. We are promoting the Internet of Humans (IoH) model, where the platform leverages people connectivity and collaborative networks of stakeholders, who help each other while maintaining quality through appropriate feedback.

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